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When we began, our mission was to change the way organizations use their data to make decisions. Today, through tenacity, we are achieving that mission by providing our customers with unbiased, actionable decision support.


The Veracity Story





We bring clarity to your most complex analytical problems.




Solution Architecture



Modeling and Simulation




Operations Research / Decision Support



Data Science





Our clients seek to improve the speed and quality of their decisions. Instead of performing "one-off" analysis for them, Veracity delivers these improvements through the development of predictive analytic solution architectures.

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Veracity has extensive expertise in Modeling and Simulation (M&S) methods and software development. We build highly useful, dynamic, and predictive models that allow you to view and assess the entire solution space at once.

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Veracity delivers expert-level operations research (OR) support because our personnel have experience on both sides of the decision support equation: the decision-maker and the supplier of decision support.

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Our expertise in the disciplines of data science (data management, statistical analysis, applied mathematics, and software engineering) makes Veracity exceptionally well qualified to provide forecasting tools and analysis for our customers.

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Business Model

At Veracity we base our business model on the belief that the service we provide through a relationship with you—not by selling you a proprietary piece of software––creates the most realistic and productive climate for mutual success.



We serve government and commercial clients of any size. We have particular expertise in U.S. Navy aviation programs, but our range is wide. We are able to work in nearly any market because our experts have experience extending the principles of predictive analytics and modeling and simulation to many different industries.




About Veracity


We develop forecasting and analysis tools that help solve complex logistical problems, often involving the efficient use of capital assets or manpower on a large scale. The tools we develop, based on custom models, help you make the best possible decisions when stakes are high and costs are great. Far exceeding the ability of common spreadsheets, our models enable you to forecast the outcome of the decisions you make years or decades into the future.



  • Veracity employees visit the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower during a private tour

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We build our value as a company and our values as a workplace together, as a team. While we don’t all work the same way, in the same locations, or during the same hours (flexibility is key), each of us is dedicated to exceptional results in everything we do.

  • We begin by listening, to our customers and to each other
  • We maintain a pioneering spirit, energized by year-over-year growth
  • We own our opportunities, always pushing beyond our best accomplishments
  • We relish the ever-expanding frontiers of technical knowledge
  • We are unflinchingly can-do

Veracity is conveniently headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, with an additional office in Brigham City, Utah. We work onsite together, in a casual setting, or virtually from home, depending on requirements and schedules.




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